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Good Morning! Remember me? Last time some of you saw me I was signing off as anchor of 13 Action News Good Morning and crying. What a send off. I left so I could be there for every moment of my kids last few years of high school. And boy was I ever. I haven't missed a football game, a wrestling meet, or band concert. It's been a really special time for our family. 

I've also been busy writing a weekly newspaper column, blogging, and raising funds to build a weight room and wrestling room for Bedford High School. That was a life changing experience, seeing a community come together to build something for kids. I still get teary seeing kids using the facility. (Me crying again, oops.)

Doing all those things I developed an expertise in social media, especially how it can help you change your life. I wrote a book about it called Your Twitter Diet. Using social media I've been able to raise $250,000 for that weight room, cook with Paula Deen, and even lose twenty pounds. And here's a fun fact for you - I have more Twitter followers at @LaughItOff than any other newsperson in Toledo. I'm kind of goofy on that page so follow me but be warned!

But now that both the kids are going to college I realize I've been missing something. It turns out that something was YOU, the 13abc viewers and family. I started at WTVG back in 1996 and reported from everywhere in every weather. I bonded with Toledo viewers on the morning show and have really missed that connection. Luckily they kept a chair warm for me here!

That's right I'm joining the AM Crew dark and early as they say. Catch my new segment called The Trend. I'll be sharing trends, apps, social media news, and tech ideas that will help you navigate your busy day. I'm also hosting Full Plate the cooking and lifestyle show that aims to help you lighten your Full Plate. It airs on Sunday at 12:30 and online all the time. 

My other role here at WTVG is as Digital Media Manager. What's that? It is my mission to make sure 13abc is there when and where you need it, from the web, the phone, Facebook, even Instagram. 

I'm all about connecting with you and connecting you to 13abc. So pick your favorite social media network and let's socialize.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram Full Plate on Facebook Blog (And here's my other Twitter home, I'll be tweeting a lot of 13abc related info at this Twitter Page.

If you're old school, email me at

So Tweet me, Facebook me, Pin me, insta... okay I'll stop. You get the idea.

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