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Date set for round two in Bowman murder trial

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New information about round two in the Robert Bowman murder trial. Bowman was back in court Monday morning after his first trial ended with a hung jury. The second trial for Toledo's oldest cold case has been set for October 11th with jury selection scheduled to start September 19th. Some say getting the panel in place for the second Bowman murder trial may take more work than the first time around

75 year old Robert Bowman was in court for the pre-trial hearing. His first trial ended with a hung jury last Tuesday after the panel told the judge they could not reach a unanimous verdict after twelve hours of deliberations over two days.

Greg Gilchrist is an Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo's College of Law and a former defense attorney, "If you think about it 12 strangers coming together and listening to same evidence and the same witnesses may hear different things. It is hard to get any 12 people to agree."

There's a gag order on the case,meaning the people involved cannot talk about it. Judge Gene Zmuda did say today that he expects the jury selection process to be longer than it was for the first trial because of media coverage of the case. Gilchrist says media coverage will likely be an issue moving forward, "One thing you'll hear from the prosecution I suppose is that the Lucas County jury pool is not so prejudiced in this case as evidenced by the first trial. On the other hand there's been a lot more publicity because of the first trial. You'll hear both sides of that argument."

Bowman is charged with the 1967 murder of 14 year old Eileen Adams. Police say Bowman kidnapped raped and then killed her. Detectives say decades passed without an arrest but DNA evidence eventually connected Bowman to the murder. He was arrested in California in 2008.

During his first trial bowman did not take the stand,but his ex-wife did. She testified during the first trial that she saw Adams alive hanging on Robert bowman's basement wall.,"I saw a young girl hanging on the wall with mattresses all around her hanging like Jesus."

If convicted during the second trial, Bowman faces life in prison. He remains behind bars tonight.