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"My Take" Sports Blog by Dave

Posted: Updated: Aug 29, 2011 07:06 PM

I'd like to welcome everyone to the 13abc sports blog, where you can find my thoughts on current sports news, local teams, and we might even have some dating advice on here from time to time, courtesy of Joe Nugent.  I'm often asked what my favorite time of year is on the sports calendar, and two weeks stand out to me.  I love the first week of April, which brings us Opening Day in baseball, the NCAA basketball tournament, and my personal favorite, The Masters.

But my other favorite time of year is early September.  The air is starting to cool. The baseball pennant races are starting to heat up.  And it's time to start football – high school, college, and pro.  But this year, we have a special treat for you in September called the Lock It Up Self Storage 13abc Football Challenge.

Each week, you have the chance to pick winners of the NFL games on our website, 13abc.com.  We'll be awarding weekly and year-end prizes for the best entries, but it's also your chance to challenge our 13abc sports team.  I'll be making picks, along with Joe Nugent and Steve Slivka, and you'll be able to compare your scores with ours.  Does this mean I'm risking weekly embarrassment?  Yes.  But if you've ever watched me on TV, you know embarrassment is something that doesn't scare me. . .

Just log on 13abc.com to enter the contest.  You can even create your own office pool or game among your friends!  Football season is fun to begin with, but it can be even better when you're winning prizes courtesy of 13abc.  Enjoy!

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