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Sister Jane Mary supports convent with murals

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Throughout the campus of Lourdes University there are large murals on the buildings.  The murals are meant to inspire, but the muralist is what inspired this week's People Places and Things.

Sister Jane Mary Sorosiak is an artist.  If you've been to Lourdes University you've seen her work.

Sister Jane Mary is ceramic muralist. She says, "The first thing I do then is design the piece according to the commission. I usually talk to the people who are commissioning and find out what they're thinking, what they would like. Usually they leave it pretty much up to me. Then after I do a design, I show them what the design is."

Sister retired from teaching art at Cardinal Stritch and at Lourdes, but she is not retired.  "I usually come here early in the morning, and we work here all day. I have another sister who works with me."

Sister is in her eighties, but she does not want the focus of this story on her age, she wants it to be on her work which is spectacular.     This Franciscan nun is currently overseeing the installation of a 700 piece mural outside of the new campus dining facility.

"We hope that it gives a spiritual emphasis, so people looking at it will be uplifted. I only do spiritual things. I only work for churches or libraries. And if it's not a specific religious subject, it has a religious feeling. Like we do a lot with nature, so we are reminded of the creator of nature So that's why it's more like a ministry than a job," says Sister Jane Mary.

Not only does sister draw the mural she also sculpts the details like the faces.  "When they see the work finished, that's when I would like them to not look just at the work and not think of who did the work, but of what is represented there."

Her murals are in demand not only on campus but throughout the country.     And the commissioned work of this sister of St. Francis helps support the mission of convent.