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Snow storm hits Hillsdale County, Michigan

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Across the border in Michigan, the word of the night was snow, and quite a bit of it.

As 13 ABC's Tony Geftos would say, the snow is falling "fast and flurrious" in Hillsdale County. 

Alison Guttrich, a student at Hillsdale College, remembered her snow scraper Tuesday night to clear her windshield, but forgot something to keep her hands warm.

"I wish I had gloves," says Guttrich.

Hillsdale County's first snow storm of the season has dumped several inches and counting, leaving the area blanketed in a winter wonderland.

"I'm excited," says Carrie O'Brien, a Hillsdale College student.  "The first big snow is always the best."

"I love the snow," says Cheryl Fritze, a Michigan resident.  "I would rather have the snow than the rain we've had the last few days. I'll take the snow any day."

"I'm good with snow from about mid-December to New Years and then I get sick of it," says Guttrich.

The snow has Steve Wisman of Hillsdale looking forward to his favorite winter sport.

"Ice fishing," says Wisman.  "It's really good. The fish coming out of the ice are good."

One big annual adjustment is driving in the snow.

The Hillsdale County Sheriff's Department says there were several minor fender benders and cars sliding off the road in the slush, however, no major injury accidents to report.

Wisman says just remember to slow down and stop sooner than usual.

"You have to be careful," says Wisman.  "You have to re-learn every year.  At least I do."

Some college students simply plan to drive as little as possible.

"Luckily we don't have to do much driving because the campus is really small," says Guttrich.

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