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Roads closed in Defiance Co

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Defiance County 911 reports the following roads were closed due to high water as of mid afternoon Wednesday:

The Bend Road between Mud Creek and Bradshaw

Evansport Road between State Rt 15 and Banner School

Schick Road between Trinity and Evansport

Stever Road between Evansport and Gruber

Def Williams Co Ln between Evansport and Christy

Co Rd 424 between State Rt 281 and Adams Ridge

Glenburg Road between Bostater Rd and Beerbower Rd

Coy Road between Mud Creek and The Bend Road

Russell between Evansport and Wieland

Stever between Gares and Evansport

Evansport North of Whistler

Christy north of Allen Road

Trinity between Russel and Shick