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Will frost kill blooms?

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Cooler temperatures are in the forecast. So would another frost ruin all of our beautiful early buds and blooms? Our average last frost or freeze of the season doesn't come around until early to mid May around Mother's Day. But horticulturists say don't waste your time worrying about whether we'll have another frost.   

The burst of early blooms, buds and color around right now is stunning.  But is it too soon?  Horticulturists at Toledo Botanical Garden say even if temperatures do drop again, there's no real need to worry. Toledo Botanical Garden Superintendent of Gardens and Grounds Josh Miller says, "We're not likely going get to those nighttime temperatures in the low 20s where some serious bloom, bud and root damage would occur.  We will get moisture which if we do fall into those temperatures will help buffer out any of the damage that's done." A gradual slide down in the mercury would be okay-- just not a sudden drop to jarring lower 20s.  With a gradual, less severe drop, blossoming trees and shrubs would likely lose their blooms but not suffer significant, long-term damage.  As for your tulips, hyacinths and daffodils:  Enjoy the blooms now but don't worry that frost would kill off the whole plant. Miller says, "They would be done but it wouldn't be mortality. They wouldn't die altogether. The blooms would be spent.  But at this point, the plant is done doing what it's gonna do anyway. The best thing to do if the blooms do go is to leave the leaves or the stems alone so they can collect sunlight and produce food for the root zone."

Miller advises that if frost threatens again, you can cover some of the plants you're worried about with cheesecloth or even a sheet. Looking at the forecast, Monday night might bring temperatures dropping into the upper 20s to lower 30s, so that would be our best chance of frost this coming week.

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