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Random Indians Notes

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Some thoughts as I watch the Indians tonight…

This team has no power.  None.  Their cleanup hitter tonight, Michael Brantley, has one home run this season in 73 games.  Just 11 in his career.

Maybe Johnny Damon has something left to give.  Not much, but something.  In his last 9 games, Damon has 10 hits, and he's raised his average from .175 to .213.

When you use the phrase, "raised his average to .213" you know things aren't going too well . . .

Jason Kipnis is a very good, young player.  Once he figures out how to hit against lefthanded pitchers (batting just .224), he will be great.

Does the nucleus of this team ever play?  People wonder why ticket sales are awful at Progressive Field.  Go ahead and ask a casual fan to name a player on the team.  10 bucks says Grady Sizemore's name comes up.  Ask for another name.  Travis Hafner?  The two supposed cornerstones of the franchise have played a combined 39 games this season.  When your payroll is as low as the Tribe's, lack of depth is a real issue.

What happened to Ubaldo Jimenez?  He's won 11 games in a Cleveland Indians uniform.  HE WON 15 BY THE ALL STAR BREAK IN 2010! 

This team isn't good enough to WIN the Central Division, but they can hope the White Sox and Tigers are bad enough to LOSE it.