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Toledo Edison explains outages to the I-Team

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TOLEDO, Ohio -

With the recent storms and so many people in places in Lucas County without power it's making people ask what exactly happened to the power and how did so many lose it so quickly? 

The 13abc I-Team has been looking for answers.  We're told the majority of people should have power back by the end of Saturday but some will be without it through the weekend.

Some businesses did manage to stay open after the storm.  The torches were hot at Hudson Automotive in Holland, despite the fact that just about everything else was dark.

"We're just doing anything people need for an emergency," said Amos Chesser of Hudson Automotive.  "If you don't have brake lights or tail lights, you don't want to drive down the road without that we try to do it and keep them on the road." 

At the peak of the storm, Toledo Edison had 60,000 customers without power. 

"Wind is public enemy number one for the utility," said Doug Colafella of Toledo Edison. 

That wind caused branches and even entire trees to fall on what are called distribution lines.  They go from the wooden power poles to your home or neighborhood.

"As long as you have overhead lines and tress which people love, people love their trees, we have to deal with storms like this from time to time," said Colafella. 

There was even a transformer that shorted out at one of the Toledo Edison substations.  Toledo Edison had all crews on duty, working 16 hour shifts.  More crews arrived Friday from outside Toledo to help.

"The challenging part is that the further you get into an outage restoration event, you start dealing with outages that affect a small number of customers.  So the numbers don't come down as quickly as you'd like them to," said Colafella. 

So as the repairs happen now, the I-team wanted to know what's being done to try and prevent outages in the first place? 

"We've continued to put technology into our system that allows us to shorten the duration of outages, we have a tree trimming plan to try and prevent these kinds of outages, but when you get wind like we had yesterday there is really no vegetation management plan that can weatherproof your system," said Colafella. 

Some feeder lines also went out but Colafella says they were able to get those online in a timely fashion, which made the outage numbers drop pretty quickly.

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