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Defiance family finds rare baseball cards

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While cleaning his grandparents house in Defiance, Karl Kissner and his cousins found what experts are calling on of the biggest finds in the history of sports card collecting.  Hundreds of cards, some in mint condition from the rare, 1910 E98 series.  Half of the 30 players profiled are Hall of Famers.

"There's Cy Young, there's Honus Wagner, and Ty Cobb," Kissner said. "Cardboard gold was the term used.  If there was such a thing, this was it."

Kissner says the cards that could be worth $2 to $3 million dollars were his grandfather's.  The family things they were used as a promotional item at his meat market, where he worked.  When his grandparents died, his aunt took over the estate.  And when she passed last year, Kissner and his cousins took over, and started cleaning out the home.

Not only did they find those cards, but they also found a ton of family heir looms.  Dresses worn by his grandmother in the early 1900s, hats still in the box from the 20s, and plenty of family memories.  In fact, a lot of the historical items were put to good use in the community.

"All of those type of items went to the local players so they could use them in their productions for years to come.  We reloaded their wardrobe," Kissner said.

Kissner says the discover blew the family away, but the best part of it all was reliving the family's history.

We had a wonderful walk down memory lane for the family," he said. "All of the family has come in and shared in it and it has been a wonderful experience as a whole."

All of the cars have been given to Heritage Auctions out of Texas.  The experts there inspected the cards and plan to sell them over the new few years.  Kissner says all of the money will be divided evenly among him and his 19 cousins.

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