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Some Action In The Atlantic, But Not Along US Coast

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The Atlantic Hurricane Season continues to approach its peak, which statistically falls on September 10th.  Mid-August through late September is typically the most active period for tropical storms and hurricanes in the Atlantic, and there has been some recent activity.

Hurricane Gordon is a Category 2 storm this Saturday evening, with maximum winds of 110 miles per hour in a small area near the core of the storm.  Gordon is thousands of miles away, moving away from the US, and is only a threat to the Azores in the eastern Atlantic.

Meanwhile, much closer to home, Tropical Depression Helene continues to dissipate over northern Mexico, to the south of Brownsville, Texas.  Helene was never very organized, and it is quickly going through a short life cycle from formation to death.  By far, the greatest impact from Helene is heavy rain, with 6" to 8" of rain falling this weekend in some isolated areas of northeastern Mexico.

The next prospect for development, which could become our ninth named storm of the year, is a tropical wave over the eastern Atlantic.  It is moving west, but is still more than a week away from any US territory.