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Longest Toledo cool stretch since 2009

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TOLEDO, Ohio -

Tuesday was the 13th consecutive cooler-than-average day at the Toledo Express Airport.  The last time we had such a long series days with below-normal temperatures was nearly 3 years ago.  The last stretch this long was in late September into early October of 2009, when Toledo's official numbers remained cooler than normal for an impressive 22 days in a row.

This series of relatively cool days will not last that long.  Temperatures are rising as we transition into the weekend, and overnight lows will return into the 60s with highs in the upper 80s by Saturday and Sunday afternoons.  

Our average high, this time of the year, is 82, and our average low is 61.  The daily temperature departure from normal is calculated by taking the mean between the day's high and low, and comparing it with the mean between the normal high and low for the date.