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22 local school districts "fogged in" Wednesday

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We're only two days past Labor Day, and dense morning fog has caused some schools to use their first calamity day.

Many who send their kids to Evergreen Local Schools turned 13abc on, this morning to read their school's name on the closing list at the bottom of the screen.  They could hear Blizzard Bill Spencer explain, "With fog, it varies. One spot, it's down to practically zero visibility, other spots, you've got one to two miles."

Fog caused 109 local school districts to have at least a delay this morning.

22 districts closed today. 

Most of them were between Toledo and the Indiana line.

We spoke with Phil Schwan, a father of students at the Evergreen Local Schools.  He told us, "The fog was pretty thick.  I mean, it was hard to see the houses just across the street out where we live, just west of Lyons. We weren't too surprised. We have had cancellations for less fog than this before."

Some schools were closed, but sledding was not an option.

We asked Phil's kids how they were spending the day, and relaxing, reading books and video games were the answers.

The fog did clear, eventually.

"We're going to the track to run for a little bit," one of the children told us.

The decision to delay or cancel is not an easy one.

"It's very challenging," Jim Wyse, the Superintendent of Evergreen Local Schools said.  "We have a very long district, and to try to determine how bad the fog is in various parts of the district, I start to drive through the district around five o'clock and make phone calls....  We got a delay out, and we were hoping we could go, after a two hour delay, but it wasn't the case. Around 8:00 when we had to make our final decision, probably half of our district, the northern half, was pretty severe. We ended up canceling.... In this case, it looked like it was going to lift, but it settled back in, so I think we made the right call."

He says it's best to err on the side of safety.

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