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Nor'easter brings 7"+ of snow, gusty winds, coastal flooding

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CLINTONVILLE, Connecticut -

Only nine days after Superstorm Sandy made landfall in New Jersey, a Nor'easter is battering some parts of the storm-ravaged Northeast.  An intense low pressure system is sliding north, passing off of the New Jersey coastline, and charging into eastern sections of New England.

Through early Wednesday evening, 6.8" of snow have already fallen in Clintonville, Connecticut, and 5.5" of snow in Ridgefield, Connecticut, and the flakes continue to fly.  1.5 feet of water covered the roadway near the Pilgrim Sands Motel in Plymouth, Massachusetts, due to a storm surge.  The surge is far less intense than what Sandy brought, but flooding is happening more easily in some locations because of the coastal erosion and damage to dunes, with last week's storm.

Winds are strong, as well.  A gust of 76 mph was measured at a buoy, 6 miles from Cuttyhunk, Massachusetts.  Over land, a wind gust of 65 mph was measured at West Island, Massachusetts.  Power lines have been downed in places like the borough of Queens, in New York City.

Farther southwest, places like the Philadelphia area have received a bit less snow than anticipated.  Up to 3" of snow have fallen through the first part of the storm in southern and central New Jersey.

This storm is too far east to directly impact Toledo, although a few of the clouds in the upper part of the atmosphere, east of I-75, are tied to the system.

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