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Authorities on high alert for signs of drug trafficking

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After several major drugs busts this week, authorities in northwest Ohio are on high alert for signs of drug trafficking.

Officials say the major highways that intersect in this part of the state play a huge role in moving drugs. Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn says the heavy flow of drugs move with the flow of traffic.

"When you have a lot of movement, people coming from other areas other places we're going to have the crime element also. There's certainly going to be drugs going have different areas where drugs are produced and distributed. So just like business like being in northwest Ohio and using our interstate systems so do the criminals," says Wasylyshyn

 Officials say prescription drugs are the leading form of drug abuse in Ohio.

 "It's easy for people to get those prescriptions and we've seen across the state where people have been abusing their medicaid, medicare and going to multiple doctors," says Wasylyshyn

Authorities are trained to recognize the signs of drug trafficking on the roadways.