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Gun sales spike over Black Friday weekend

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Theresa Cleland spends much of her time at her Swanton gun store, Cleland's Outdoor World.  Holiday sales are usually strong, but this year they've been especially good.  She doesn't think it's just the stocking stuffers behind the trend.

"People who have never been interested in guns have now felt the need to become educated and armed," says Cleland who's seen an up tick in sales.  She believes part of it could be political.

"Things like the United Nations 'small arms agreement' are looming over us, we don't know what's going to happen."

Nationwide, gun sales are up.  The FBI received a record of almost 155,000 requests for background checks on Black Friday this year, a 20 percent increase over last year.  Cleland says she's supportive of gun ownership, but only when it's paired with proper learning.

"You shouldn't just walk in and buy one without any knowledge. How do you know what to buy if you don't have the knowledge?" comments Cleland.

"Like any hobby or anything else you're going to do, you need an education. And that's what we strongly recommend."

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