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Figue 8's and more at Toledo Speedway and Flat Rock

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TOLEDO - Several new events are in store for race fans and racers for the upcoming 2013 season at both Flat Rock and Toledo Speedways. While the traditional School Bus Figure 8 races and Figure 8 Boat Races are once again part of each schedule, a pair of new events will be added-the Figure 8 Trailer race and the Flag Pole Race.

Both the Figure 8 Boat and Figure 8 Trailer events will be opened up to competitors to bring their own tow vehicles and Travel Trailers and Boats for the events. The objective is very simple-to finish the race with your trailer or your boat still attached to your tow vehicle! The action takes place on the Figure 8 course at both speedways, making for a fun-filled and unpredictable event, featuring plenty of crashing and destruction!

The Flag Pole race should be quite entertaining! Using the short track at Toledo and Flat Rock's ¼ mile paved oval, a tire and pole will be placed in the center of the straight-aways. Again, it's very simple-make a total of 10 laps, but the vehicle will have to make a loop around each tire each lap! Traffic is sure to be hectic as the field battles its way around the flag poles each and every lap of the race!

The rules sheet for the Trailer, Boat and Flag Pole races may be downloaded from either of the track's webpage. The sheet is located under forms.

The complete schedules for the 2013 season for both tracks will be released before the New Year, but here are a few dates: Figure 8 Trailer and Flag Pole races are Saturday, June 29 at Flat Rock and Thursday, August 8 at Toledo. The Toledo Thursday night special will be All 8 Night---Figure 8 Trailer race, Boat Figure 8, Train Figure 8, the flag pole race and the track's ARCA Figure 8 division! More details on this event will be released at a later date.

Each track will host a pair of School Bus Figure 8 events; at Flat Rock, the dates are Saturday, June 15 and Saturday, September 14. Toledo's School Bus races, known as the "Night of Destruction", are set for Friday, May 24 and Friday, August 30.

Boat Figure 8 racing has 6 dates; Saturday May 18, June 15 and September 14 at Flat Rock; the Toledo dates are Friday, May 24, Thursday, August 8 and Friday, August 30.

 The Figure 8 Train races will also continue in 2013 at both tracks. The train race features 2 cars chained together-the front car has the engine, the back car has the brakes! Flat Rock will host the Figure 8 train events Saturday, July 20 and Saturday, September 7, while Friday, May 24, Thursday, August 8 and Friday, August 30 are the dates at Toledo.

Toledo's 2013 calendar will also includes the Road Course race! The track consists of the ¼ mile, ½ mile and pit road, with a chicane located in front of the main grandstands. That date is set for Friday, August 2.

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