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Shift in the weather pattern about 7 days away

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TOLEDO, Ohio -

The cold weather we have right now will give way to a milder weather pattern as we head into the weekend.

It looks like most of this weekend's storm will come in the form of rain.

However, cold air will invade from Canada in two installments, in the long range forecast.

The first tide of cold air will arrive on the heels of this weekend's storm system.

A second, potentially stronger winter storm will cross the Southeast and Ohio Valley at the middle of next week. If it wavers north, we could see snow from it.

The track details are to be determined, but in the big picture, there is high confidence that the storm will help to reinforce the cold air.

As we approach Christmas week, it does look like colder air will be in place, and a more active pattern will send a number of disturbances our way.

Despite a quiet start to the snow season, there is still good hope for a white Christmas... Stay tuned.

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