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Rare Wrangler and Toledo ties to new Corvette

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There is some spectacular engineering on display in Detroit. From Bentley's to BMW's, Audi's to Tesla's, it is all on display in Detroit and one of the cars getting a lot of looks is the 2014 Chevy Corvette.

Harlan Charles is the Corvette Production Manager for General Motors,"It is only the 7th generation of the Corvette in 60 years of production history. This car can go 0-60 in less than 4 seconds, it has a 1G lateral acceleration and it has the capability of getting 4 cylinder fuel economy with a V-8 performance."

Charles says one of the transmissions offered in the Corvette is built right here in Toledo, "The people in Toledo build the best transmissions in the world. We thank them for all the hard work, we love them!"

Right now they build 6 speed front and rear wheel drive transmissions here in Toledo and they'll be adding an 8 speed transmission to the production lines. No word yet though on what vehicle or vehicles it will be used in. Tom Read is in Product Communications for GM and I asked him about the new Toledo product, "Can you tell me anything about that 8 speed transmission? Not at this point, can't tell you anything about that one, but it will be a very important product."

Another important Toledo built product is of course the Jeep Wrangler, "We can do things on a Wrangler that you can't do on any other vehicle and that's the magic, that's what makes that vehicle so special"

We got a look at one of those special Wranglers today. It is reportedly one of only two Wranglers like it in the world right now. It is called the Wrangler Dragon Concept edition. It made it's debut at the auto show in Geneva, Switzerland and Jeep leaders have been testing the waters with it at auto shows around the world ever since. So far it is getting rave reviews.

Jim Morrison is the Director of Product Marketing for the Jeep brand, "We love Toledo and thankfully Toledo loves Jeep. The extra work those people do at that plant all the time helped us get to an all time sales record with the Wrangler."

You'll have your first chance to see all the marvelous machines starting this Saturday at Cobo Center in downtown Detroit.



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