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Burglary suspect shot, arrested in Perrysburg Twp.

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A suspected burglar was shot and arrested after running from police in Perrysburg Township. It happened Tuesday morning near Thompson and Roachton roads.

Police blocked off the area all because James Newman, 30, of Grand Rapids, Michigan, ran from police after allegedly breaking into a house.

Township officers were in the area investigating a rash of burglaries.  According to police there had been nearly two dozen reports in the last few weeks.

"We took a proactive stance on it," Det. Sgt. James Gross, Perrysburg Township Police, said.  "We actually went out, had people in unmarked and marked cars looking for anything that would be out of the ordinary or suspicious"

That's when investigators say they saw Newman running from a home and into the woods.  Police immediately set up a perimeter and brought in the K9 unit to track him down.

"At some point the individual came out, was confronted by police, and is now at the hospital, being treated," Det. Sgt. Gross said.

Gross says an officer shot Newman in the leg but would not comment on what prompted the shooting.  He would only say the investigation is ongoing.

Many people in the area were surprised to hear what happened.

Sandy Morse has lived in the area with her husband for more than four decades.  She says the commotion left her a little uneasy.

"It does concern us," she said.  "We have a driveway alarm and we have an alarm system so we're covered about as well as we could be."

Alarm system or not, police are reminding everyone to keep their eyes open and report suspicious activity.

Investigators did recover evidence from the scene.  Gross says they are working with county officials to see if the break-ins are related.


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