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Supporters attend woman priest's first mass

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TOLEDO, Ohio -

Beverly Bingle was ordained as a priest Saturday by a group called "Roman Catholic WomenPriests" and Sunday, the newly ordained minister celebrated her first mass in Toledo.

The Diocese of Toledo and some other Roman Catholics have objected to her ordination and her acting as a Catholic priest, but she was met with a lot of support at her first service.

The Diocese of Toledo says Beverly Bingle was automatically excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church when she participated in the ordination ceremony. According to their Code of Cannon Law, a woman cannot be ordained as a priest.  Others oppose the ordination, saying that the Bible doesn't allow for women in that role.

"If you read Mark, you find out that when there are laws that are unjust, that those laws need to be broken," said supporter Dusty Tyukody.

"I believe that God ordains. God calls, God ordains, the community calls, the community ordains." Rev. Bingle said.

Reverend Bingle says it's the church hierarchy that doesn't recognize her as a priest.
She says women in leadership roles go back to the Bible. Bingle says Mary Magdalene was an apostle, and there were women priests in the early times of the Church.

Reformed Catholic Church Archbishop Marcus Heckman pointed out that while the Roman Catholic Church forbids the ordination of women, the Reformed Catholic Church has allowed it for years.

"There's many jurisdictions out there. We've had woman priests since 2000 and we support our women priests and that's the reason I'm here." Heckman said. "I know Beverly. I support women priests, and I think they make good priests."

Heckman and about 50 others attended Bingle's first mass.

"She's theologically very sound. she's a very caring and compassionate person and the world needs a lot more like Bev," said Tyukody.

Bingle's first mass was well-received by her supporters.

"It was real. It was genuine. It was truly a sense of community. There was togetherness, there was wholeness," Mark Walker said.

"Glory be to God. It was awesome. The people are just awesome. It just goes to show that we are the church, we are the people of God and when we get together, God is with us," Reverend Bingle said.

She plans on holding a 5:30 p.m. Sunday evening mass every week inside the Unity of Toledo Church.

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