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Chemo patient victim of ID theft by clinic employee

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It's a cruel crime. Imagine stealing a cancer patient's identity from his medical forms.

It happened to Elsy."They got our personal information from the medical facility where my husband was getting treatment for leukemia." She says.

An employee of the medical clinic used the personal information from his check-in forms.

Elsy recalls, "When we found out the money was gone, I dropped to my knees, because it terrified me that everything was going to be gone."

Investigators discovered more than 35 other patients also had their personal information compromised.

One way to stop this from happening is to continually monitor bank and credit card statements and check your credit report once a year.

This story has a happy ending. Elsy's money was recovered. "My husband and I are good. He hit the cancer free mark and our sixth grandchild is on the way."

Four people were prosecuted in this case. The hospital employee, his nephew, the nephew's girlfriend and the girlfriend's neighbor.