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City of Toledo crews battle up and down winter weather

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The City of Toledo has 38 plow trucks treating the slushy mess that's left behind after temperatures rise and fall throughout the evening.

The roads are giving drivers a tough time. 

"It's terrible, it's really slippery. It's not fun at all," said Samantha Strayer, a Toledo resident.

13abc road along with crews to see how they've been keeping up with the changing precipitation. 

Folks on the road said they've seen all sorts of weather on roads.

"It's more like sleet. It's hitting kind of hard. It's not just rain. It's definitely cold," said Strayer.

The freezing and thawing makes it hard for crews to push around the slush.

Drivers said the city is doing a good job despite the conditions, but wouldn't mind a little extra help from the city. 

"Yeah they've been doing good. They could do my driveway though.. make it a little easier," said Josh Radtkin, a driver braving the conditions. 

Other drivers have some tips for folks hitting the streets.

"I just have a suggestion everybody just needs to drive slow and take it easy regardless of how well you know the roads," said Strayer.

The crews work in 12-hour shifts; midnight until noon and noon until midnight.

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