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USS Toledo carries city name around the world

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The captain and some of the crew from theUSS Toledo are in town on a special mission. They're here to connect with the people of the city their submarine was named after. Their visits include stops at schools, ProMedica Toledo Children's Hospital and 5/3 Field.

Here's a bit of history on the submarine. The USS Toledo is the second Navy warship named after the Glass City. It was launched in August 1993. It was commissioned in February 1995. Groton, Connecticut, is the boat's home port. About 140 officers and crew members serve on board.

The submarine operates on a multi mission platform, meaning she serves the United States in both peace time and war time. After spending months at sea in 2012 on successful missions, the boat is dry docked in Groton right now for maintenance work. But she'll be back at it next year, proudly carrying the name Toledo all over the world.

The USS Toledo is a nuclear powered attack submarine. Commander Sam Geiger has been in the Navy for 22 years, "The great stories I have about the work of the USS Toledo and her crew, I can never tell you. It's unfortunate, because the guys on board do things on a daily basis for national security that are amazing, but I can't tell the stories to the general public."

What we can tell you, is the crew does surveillance and reconnaissance work in peace time involving everything from drug runners to countries we could potentially have a conflict with. In war time there's a long list of duties, "We can enter the early phases of conflict with the delivery of special forces and in the event of a conflict we are capable of and highly trained to attack surface ships or other submarines."

A 13abc crew traveled to Connecticut in 2003 for an up close look at the USS Toledo, "This is our control room, the nerve center of the ship when we're underway." Because of her size and the relatively shallow depth of the Great Lakes, the USS Toledo has never made a stop in it's namesake city, "This is actually my first trip to Ohio and it's been impressive. Everyone we've met has been so welcoming. We're expecting a great 3 days in town."

Captain Geiger says he and the crew will carry their visit to Toledo with them as they continue their work around the world, "I can tell you from the successes we've had in the last year, year and a half, the people of Toledo should be very proud of the submarine that bears the city's name. We've done the name proud.'

The crew will be involved in a number of visits during their time here, including a Mud Hens game and a stop at Ft. Meigs to mark the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

The USS Toledo will be dry docked for a total of 8- 9 months and Commander Geiger expects it to be back at sea working for America in 2014. On a side note,  the warship won a prestigious Navy honor last year, the top boat in it's squadron. The crew does carry a bit of Toledo with them wherever they go. They have things like Mud Hens and Tony Packo's memorabilia on board.




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