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  • Amanda Bacon takes the stand

    Amanda Bacon takes the stand

    Tuesday, April 15 2014 11:08 PM EDT2014-04-16 03:08:50 GMT
    Emotions ran high in the courtroom as a mother, charged in the death of her infant son took the stand for the first time.Amanda Bacon is charged with murder and endangering children after her son Avery,
    Amanda Bacon takes the stand for the first time.
  • Local runners heading back to Boston for Monday’s marathon

    Local runners heading back to Boston for Monday’s marathon

    Tuesday, April 15 2014 10:04 PM EDT2014-04-16 02:04:55 GMT
    Tuesday marks the one year anniversary of the bombings at the finish line of the Boston Marathon which killed three people and injured 260 people. Dozens of runners from Northwest Ohio and Southeast
    "I'm not nervous about there being another terror attack or the possibility that there could be one," says Jay Yockey. "I don't want to live a life in fear. I still want to do what I love to do."
  • Clerk guilty of selling alcohol to teens before fatal wreck

    Clerk guilty of selling alcohol to teens before fatal wreck

    Tuesday, April 15 2014 9:11 PM EDT2014-04-16 01:11:40 GMT
    A Lucas County jury has found former liquor store employee Nicholas Thompson guilty of selling alcohol to underage Ottawa Hills students.  18-year-old Brian Hoeflinger, an Ottawa Hills High School senior,
    A Lucas County jury has found former liquor store employee Nicholas Thompson guilty for selling alcohol to underage Ottawa Hills students.  18-year-old Brian Hoefflinger, an Ottawa Hills High School senior, was killed after that sale in a drunk driving accident. Thompson worked at Foxx Liquor on Dorr Street.



Toledo fire investigators are looking into a series of fires in the city. Crews responded to four fires within about an hour of each other today. The first started at a home on Oak St. just before four pm. Three more broke out over the next hour or so. The fire department is looking into whether they're connected.


A Lucas County sheriff's deputy is behind bars tonight. Court documents show Deputy Paul Little is accused of giving a firearm to a convicted felon then filing a false report that the gun was stolen. He's also charged with intimidating a witness in a marijuana trafficking case.


The Defiance County 911 Center director is on administrative leave without pay. Carol Armitage has been with the center since it opened in 1997. Sheriff David Westrick says he put on leave May 2nd because of possible misuse of an expense account. But Westrick would not give any more details. Defiance County prosecutors say they're waiting for a police investigation before deciding to pursue the case.


Perrysburg city council voted in favor public transportation. Members unanimously approved a deal with "Ride Right." Voters approved a levy to fund the company for five years.


(AP) - The Ohio Department of Transportation has revealed which sections of rural interstate highway will have a higher speed limit of 70 mph instead of 65 mph starting July 1st. The department says the limit will increase on more than 570 miles of interstate highway. The increase applies to parts of Interstates 70, 71, 75, 76, 77 and 90 but doesn't include sections of those roads in major metropolitan areas and a few smaller cities along the way.


(AP) - Monroe County authorities have brought charges against a man they say made threats against two judges by phone and the Internet because he was upset about the handling of his divorce case. Forty-three-year-old Mark W. McNamee of Flat Rock appeared today in district court to face three counts of malicious use of telecommunication device. The misdemeanor carries up to six months in jail.


(AP) - Rescue workers are racing to complete the search for survivors and victims of the monster tornado that devastated Moore, Okla. Scientists say the storm was a rare and extraordinary twister known as an EF5, at the top of the scale used to measure tornado strength. The death toll stands at 24, including nine children. Moore's fire chief says no more bodies or survivors have been found since last night.


(AP) - Scientists now say the tornado that flattened the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore yesterday was a rare and extraordinarily powerful EF5, capable of lifting reinforced buildings off the ground, hurling cars like missiles and stripping trees free of bark. Wind speeds are estimated to have reached 200 to 210 mph, as the twister cut a path 17 miles long and 1.3 miles wide.


(AP) - A federal appeals court panel has struck down Arizona's ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, except in cases of medical emergency. The court says the law violates a woman's constitutionally protected right to terminate a pregnancy before a fetus is able to survive outside the womb. Supporters of the ban vow to keep fighting.


(AP) - A key figure in the Internal Revenue Service's targeting of conservative groups has been summoned to testify before a congressional hearing tomorrow. But her lawyer says Lois Lerner plans to invoke her Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination and refuse to testify. Lerner's attorney cites a criminal investigation by the Justice Department. Lerner heads the IRS division that singled out tea party groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status.


(AP) - The Senate Judiciary Committee has approved far-reaching immigration legislation that gives a chance at citizenship to millions living in the country illegally. The 13-5 vote clears the bill for a Senate debate expected to begin early next month. The landmark legislation creates new provisions to bring workers here legally and enforce new steps against illegal immigration.


(AP) - U.S. officials say they have identified five men they believe might be behind the attack on the diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, last year. The officials say they have enough evidence to justify seizing them by military force as suspected terrorists - but not enough proof to try them in a U.S. civilian court as the Obama administration prefers. So the officials say the men remain at large while the FBI gathers more evidence.

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