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Sykes wins At-Large Council Seat

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The Lucas County Board of Elections certified the results from last month's election this afternoon.

Larry Sykes now has an At-Large seat on Toledo City Council. Sykes tells 13 ABC,

"I would like to thank everyone for exercising their right to vote...especially those 5 individuals...its a constitutional right so thank God for that..It took a long was stressful for all of could of went another way but it didn't...and I'm thankful for that. "

His opponent Adam Martinez says he's not giving up on his quest for a City Council Seat. He tells 13 ABC,

"We will see what's next. there is certainly an opportunity for district 2 appointment but before I can go to that point I have to have some discussions with the chairman because I did miss some deadlines which are required by the party we will see what happens."

The District 2 seat will soon be vacated by Mayor Elect D. Michael Collins

Larry Sykes says he does not know who he will support for District 2...but says he's ready to serve the community. He tells 13 ABC,

"I want to move forward now....I look forward to working with the new administration...I met with some of them...and that's what I'm looking forward to doing so I am excited."