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Fire fighters cite and shut down local business

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The fire department and city leaders shut down a local business citing multiple safety violations.
 The business is called Tires by Red. It's located at 7 City Park.

The sticker on the business of Tires by Red reads "warning unfit for human habitation." A judge ordered the business to be boarded up. Court documents show Rachael Dennings is renting the building to run her business. Firefighters say the business has numerous fire safety and health violations.  

"There's improper storage of tires. Its not only an eye sore but it's a safety issue for folks who live in the neighborhood as well as crews if they would respond to a fire here," Toledo Fire Fighter Lt Matthew Hertzfeld.

The dog warden was called to remove dogs from the premises.

The owners of the building had to call a locksmith because Dennings changed the locks on the building. Dennings is behind bars at the Lucas County jail. According to court documents when officers showed up to arrest her yesterday for numerous warrants, she allegedly removed a gun and "placed it on a shelf to avoid additional charges" and "the gun fell and hit the floor"

The inside of the business looks like the outside with tires everywhere.  

"The tires outside if they became involved in fire it could provide toxic drain off run off to nearby streams or those types of things as well as air quality issues. I understand there's storage problems on the inside with tires as well and that's our biggest concern the safety issue that poses not only to the occupants but to our fire fighters and the impact has on the neighborhood," said Lt. Hertzfeld.

City leaders say they tried to work with Dennings while she was renting the building, but she did not comply with any of their warnings. City leaders say the owners of the building will be retired to clean up and get rid of the tires on the property.

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