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Waterville Watching Maumee Levels

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The roiling current of the Maumee wasn't enough to stop onlookers and birds, alike, from checking out the icy water. The river eventually crested at Waterville by mid-afternoon Tuesday.

We saw plenty of cars pull into the public access just checking out the swollen banks. Starley Shelton came to take pictures of the ducks and gulls with his new camera. He says he inspects the river most weeks.

"This isn't that uncommon. Probably a couple times a year, it's going to be like this in the spring," Shelton said.  "You get heavy rains over a couple weeks, it'll go up and then go right back down again."

Still, he was surprised by how fast the waters rose. Dave Bruns has lived around Waterville for 23 years and says December floods became a yearly rite of passage.

"This is pretty bad, when the we have a couple sort of where you, when you get up to the bench there, it's pretty severe," Bruns said.  "So, some of the houses on the other side of the bridge pick up some water I know, in December and I'm hoping they're okay."

Bruns brings his dog down to explore the river but last night the pooch got a surprise.

"We brought Luke down here last night, and he's used to walking way out on the stones out in the river and he kept looking back at me trying to figure out what the heck is all this water doing here, he was pawing at it and it was a little perplexing to him, for sure."