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Bracing for menacing wind chills

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TOLEDO, Ohio -

A well-advertised Arctic cold front is inbound for NW Ohio and SE Michigan.  Temperatures will begin to fall late Sunday afternoon.  By Monday morning, our "feels-like" temperatures or wind chill will be down near 0°.  Some spots on Predictor were even colder, especially those who live in our Michigan hills.  Basically, you'll want to bundle up this week, as several days will be breezy and will have highs in the TEENS.

As is often the case, it could be worse.  We've been following readings from rural parts of the Dakotas, Minnesota and Wisconsin.  There, winds are often much stronger.  Couple that with a purer cold and close proximity to the Canadian border, and you get brutal cold.  Wind chills have easily hit -40° in some North Dakota towns.  There were also whiteout conditions and Blizzard Warnings, as flying snow reduced visibility to zero!  In Fargo, the wind chill fell from +35° to -40° in less than 20 hours!  That's a 75° swing!

Enjoy the 30s while you still can!


- Ben