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Know when to make premium payment for health insurance

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With lots of healthcare dates being thrown around, one of the key dates is when you need to pay to make sure your coverage takes effect.

That day has shifted a lot and now the 13abc I-Team is sorting it all out.

January 1st is the date everyone is trying to hit.  That's the first day people can get coverage from the Affordable Care Act.  Even if you have signed up, things are official when you pay.  Now we have a clearer picture of when you need to do that.  Premiums seems to be the one portion that people have no problem understanding.

"Until you go to the doctor and actually use your coverage, you're not seeing out of pocket max or things like that.  So people really understand this is my premium, this is what I need to make to the insurance company every month," said Brad Clark of the Neighborhood Health Association. 

To get coverage on January first there have been several dates when the payment was due.  The I-Team reached out to all 7 companies that are part of the marketplace in northwest Ohio.  They all say the payment will be due January 10th to make sure coverage effective January 1st.

"It's giving people flexibility and really bought people some time for a lot of consumers out there that weren't quite sure on plan selection or maybe they had problems with the website, so I think the general consensus in the community right now is that there are relived individuals who will be able to get January 1st coverage," said Clark.   

A few important points: The premium payment goes to the insurance company, not the government.  Each insurance company may accept payment in different forms, maybe online, maybe check.  So you need to stay in contact with the company you choose.

"That question goes back to the insurance company, because you need to know how that company prefers you make the payment," said Clark.

The open enrollment period goes through March, so you have until then to get coverage before you face a fine from the government for not having health insurance.

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