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Winter Storm Watch precedes record cold event

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TOLEDO, Ohio -

A Winter Storm Watch was issued late Friday morning.  For the moment, it's just in the western half of the viewing area.  We are confident that this Watch will expand to include us all (and was just expanded to Detroit, as well).

The ranking of these alerts, from lowest to highest, is: Winter Weather Advisory, Winter Storm Watch, Winter Storm Warning.  This could easily be upgraded to a Warning because the heavy snow will fall within a shorter time frame this time.

Generally speaking, if seven inches of snow has a good potential of falling on an area within a 24-hour time frame, the Warning will be issued.  Despite getting all of that snow earlier this week, it feel over a 45 hour window, so the Warning wasn't issued. 

As for amounts, Meteorologist Ross Ellet posted his thoughts Thursday night and will continue with updates Friday afternoon and evening.


Bitter cold follows the Sunday snow.  Friday morning, we BRIEFLY dropped to -12°.  That ties the existing daily record low for Toledo.  That record went back to 1879.

Our forecasted high for Monday is -3°. 

The existing record for coldest high temperature is +4°.


The forecast low for Tuesday morning is -16°.

The existing record for our low then is -6°.


The forecast for Tuesday is -4°. 

The existing record for coldest high temperature is +6°. 


If these hold, they would all shatter daily records.  Now for the all-time low records in Toledo:

Rank  Value  Ending Date

  1     -20  1/21/1984

  2     -19  12/22/1989

  3     -18  1/19/1994

  4     -17  1/20/1985, 1/17/1982, 1/16/1972, 1/24/1963, 1/23/1963

  9     -16  1/18/1994, 1/26/1897


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