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Snowplows frustrate shovelers

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People spent all day, Sunday, trying to stay ahead of the snow by clearing their sidewalks and driveways.

But some Toledo residents believe they wasted their time because their hard work was quickly plowed over.

Toledo residents were shoveled their sidewalks were upset when snowplows pushed the snow back over the cleared pathways.

Monday's weather was not inviting.  It was blustery and frigid.  It was the type of day you avoid by staying inside.

So Jason Gonzales spent several hours *yesterday* clearing his sidewalk.  Last night,  a snowplow pushed it all back.

He considered his efforts a waste of time telling 13abc reporter Bill Hormann that snowplows ruined his work in a matter of seconds.

Jason isn't alone.   Councilman Mike Craig (D) is complaining, as well, saying,  the city needs to remove the snow it put back on his sidewalk.

He spent hours clearing the walk and he doesn't want to do it again. Craig says, "This is the plow driving thinking his time is worth more than those people who pay his wages."

And it makes walking dangerous because you have to leave the sidewalk to venture out into the street.

Sarah Bertalan says it is not safe, "especially on this because cars can lose control trying to drive through

here so I don't like that."
For the most part, the roads look good but residents feel it is at their expense.
This is frustrating because people decided to shovel their sidewalks yesterday when it was 30-degrees because they didn't want to do it today when it was 3-degrees.

And the temperatures kept dropping, Monday, and the wind kept howling.

Samantha Ahmed was working in the cold.   "I shoveled it like three times, yesterday, now I'm back at it this morning," she said.

But what are you going to do?
The snow has to be removed and the mayor says it is impossible to make everyone happy.

Mayor D. Michael Collins (I) says, "Iit's one of those situations where if we didn't plow them we are subject to criticism."

But the crews are plowing and that may mean you have to do more shoveling.

Mayor Collins says the city will not fine homeowners who do not clear their sidewalks.

And as annoying as the situation may be, he says his priorities right now are making sure people are safe and warm and that roads are clear.

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