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Groundbreaking Vein Stent Research

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    A young mother is living pain free because of an experimental new vein stent.  22-year old Brittnay Foor developed a life-threatening blood clot in her leg, two weeks after giving birth to her daughter Lyla.  Doctors at the Jobst Vascular Institute at Promedica used traditional blood thinners to dissolve the clot.  But the vein was left damaged by scar tissue.  Dr. Anthony Comerota heads up a National clinical trial for a new vein stent.  He used the new device to prop open Brittany's damaged vein.  She is now pain free and able to take care of and enjoy her now two-month old daughter. "I just felt the pressure start to ease up in my leg about two hours after surgery", she said. 

Dr. Comerota, says "We often hear about stents being used to open up clogged heart arteries".  "The new vein stent is the first device being tested for use in opening up clogged veins".  The stent is inserted through a small incision behind the knee.  Doctor's use x-rays to "deploy" the stent over the damaged area.  A small balloon is then inserted into the stent to expand it and open the clogged area.  Right now it's in Clinical trials.  But it is expected to be approved by the FDA and available to all patients by early next year.