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Meagher Earns Reserve Honors

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The University of Findlay English equestrian team hosted a pair of shows over the weekend (2/8-2/9), both won by Lake Erie College.

Kent State University took reserve honors in the first show on Saturday and Bowling Green State University claimed the same award on Sunday.

Individually, Findlay's Grace Meagher was rewarded for a stellar performance and claimed reserve champion honors on Sunday.

Findlay Placings (Saturday):

Open fences
Anna Marie Glenn 3rd
Bethany Ockwell 6th

Intermediate Fences
Melissa McDonald 3rd
Lauren Martin 6th

Novice Fences
Grace Meagher 6th

Open Flat
Jo Hanna Proefrock 3rd
Kelsy Maguire 7th
Bethany Ockwell 2nd
Anna Marie Glenn 6th

Intermediate Flat
Angela Mayer 3rd
Courtney Wilkens 5th
Katie Pohlman 1st
Alexia Hulen 2nd
Taylor Cheeseman 3rd

Novice Flat
Courtney O'Conner 2nd
Ashleigh Victor 5th
Dakota Quelland 1st
Grace Meagher 5th

Advanced WTC
Brandy Smith 2nd
Theresa Shattan 6th
Karolina Tovpenec 2nd

Walk Trot
Kayla Hosier 6th
Eun Young (Laura) Na 7th

Beginner WTC
Jasmine Wehr 3rd

Findlay Placings (Sunday)

Open Fences
Brittany Veninger 5th
Bethany Ockwell 6th

Intermediate Fences
Kelsy Maguire 1st
Madison Eichstadt 4th
Melissa McDonald 6th

Novice Fences
Dakota Quelland 2nd
Ashleigh Victor 6th
Grace Meagher 1st

Open Flat
Lauren Martin 1st
Anna Marie Glenn 5th
Kelsy Maguire 6th
Emily Gill 3rd
Bethany Ockwell 7th

Intermediate Flat
Alexia Hulen 2nd
Taylor Cheeseman 4th
Katie Pohlman 3rd
Angela Mayer 4th

Novice Flat
Grace Meagher 2nd
Ashleigh Victor 1st
Dakota Quelland 6th

Advanced WTC
Brandy Smith 1st
Karolina Tovpenec 2nd
Theresa Shatton 7th

Walk Trot
Eun Young (Laura) Na 3rd

Beginner WTC
Jasmine Wehr 5th