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Be careful what you post on social media

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A local fire chief's Facebook comments forced him into retirement. We brought you this story as breaking news yesterday. Now its raising questions about what to post on social media pages especially if you're a public official. Chief James Verbosky is stepping down march 31st.

13abc's Alexis Means takes a look at how inappropriate social media posts can get you fired.
Most companies want employees to use social media to promote the organization, but they want to make sure its done in an appropriate way.  

"There's no privacy in social media," said UT Professor Dr. Dale Dwyer.

In this day and age you better think twice about what you post or say on social media.  It can cause a potential employer to pass you up or even get you fired. That's what happened to Rossford's fire chief, Jim Verbosky. The mayor says Verbosky was forced to resign after he sent an inappropriate Facebook message to a fellow female firefighter last in January.  The chief was already on probation from an incident last march for falsifying a signature. With those two incidents, the mayor told the chief he would either be terminated or he could retire. University of Toledo professor Dr. Dale Dwyer says you can't control everything, but you can control what you type.

"If I'm a professional or I'm a government official or I'm the CEO of organization X I have to remember I'm posting on behalf of that organization," said the professor.

Dr. Dwyer says there's a fine line to what you can and should not post.

"The national labors relations act protects you from saying anything you want about your employer as long as it deals with working conditions terms of employment pay fairness unfairness equality inequality your protected you can say anything. The law does not protect people saying something obscene or vulgar threatening harassing," said Dr. Dwyer.

Dwyer says many companies have adopted policies in this ever so changing cyber world.

"They're not writing for the normal everyday person who goes of course I wouldn't wear that to work, or of course I would never post something like that. Or of course I would never send that kind of tweet to somebody at work but there's always one who will," said Dwyer

Again remember once you hit send or post that information its out there and in some cases it can never be deleted. So be careful what you say

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