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Nick Vitucci Steps Down as Toledo Walleye Head Coach

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Toledo Walleye Head Coach Nick Vitucci is stepping down from the position he has held for almost five years. He has given his resignation, which is effective immediately, to Toledo Walleye President and General Manager Joe Napoli.

"I have enjoyed my time coaching the Walleye," Vitucci said. "It has been extremely fulfilling to start a new team and to mentor young hockey players who have a passion for the game, but I feel that it's time for some new leadership and a new approach. This will always be a highlight in my career."

"Nick has been a valuable team builder, mentor and colleague," Napoli said. "I have been honored to work with him as head coach in developing the Toledo Walleye. But he's ready to try other options and I – we – support him in his decision. Nick's decision to make this move now, gives us the appropriate window to find a coaching replacement in time for recruiting and preparing for next season. I am happy to say that he will remain with the Walleye organization. His future role, which is yet to be finalized, will capitalize on his nearly 25 years of professional hockey experience."

Toledo Walleye Assistant Coach Dan Watson, will assume the leadership coaching position for the remainder of the season. He has been with the Toledo Walleye since its inception.

Media will have an opportunity to talk with Joe Napoli, Nick Vitucci and Dan Watson today at 1 p.m. inside the Toledo Walleye locker room.