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Rescue crews respond to snowmobile submerged in ice

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Rescue crews spent several hours on the ice Thursday night after getting a report that a snowmobile had gone through the ice.

Police got a call a little after 8 p.m. that the craft was partially submerged at Crane Creek State Park.

The Coast Guard and multiple local departments responded. Crews broke the ice and searched around the sled to make sure there was no one in the water.

We're told the Coast Guard even brought in a helicopter from Detroit.

In the end, rescuers determined the snowmobile had simply been left out on the ice.

They say this incident should serve as a reminder to everyone.

"If someone has an incident out on the ice and they leave a vehicle out there, put a tag on it or something," says Jerusalem Township Fire Chief Tony Parasiliti. "We do tie up a lot of resources for an activity that someone could've just called in to the sheriff's office and said, 'Hey, my sled went through the ice,' and that's it."