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Kitten found in storm needs expensive surgery

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A kitten found near death in the middle of a winter storm is getting some much needed surgery thanks to a local shelter.  Olaf was found last month lying on a sidewalk in a sub zero snow storm. He was brought to Paws and Whiskers Cat Shelter where they quickly nursed him back to health. But he has a number of eye problems and he needs a surgery that will cost about $3,000.

Kim Ferguson says he is just one of several cats at the shelter that need specialized medical care right now, "His eyelids go inwards and hair rubs on his eyes which causes scar tissue. One of his eyelids is also deformed, so his eye does not close completely which causes even more irritation. If the problems are not fixed he will eventually go blind."

Olaf goes to a specialist in Ann Arbor next week for the surgery. Of course, the daily food and medical bills at the shelter add up, so this surgery is going to put the vet fund in the red. They have three other extreme medical cases this month and those other bills already total more than $1,800. 

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