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North Baltimore eyes purchase of new siren

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Snow may still be on the ground but spring and summer will soon be on our doorstep.

With that, comes severe weather and one community is hoping to add some safety measure this year.

Village council member Bill Cameron is pushing to get a new weather siren for the west side of North Baltimore.

This after an EF 1 tornado blew through the village back in November.

"That's when we really became aware," Cameron said.  "When the destruction was close to home, it hit home."

One home on Quarry road was ripped apart.

It sits on the northwest corner of the village, where there is no siren.

"They couldn't hear it, they had no idea the severe weather was coming," Cameron said.

"Although it seems like we're a small village, the sirens sometimes don't carry as far," councilwoman, Leslee Thompson said.

A new one runs about $20,000.

Thompson says they're looking for ways to pay for it, but grant money is scarce.

"State funds are going away and tightening up," she said.  "Our administrator is valiantly trying to get some of those funds but it's difficult."

Another possibility is to use joint economic development district money to help offset the cost.

This way, a new siren could be installed before the spring and summer storm season.

"I think it's a good idea," Kyle Jordan, a North Baltimore firefighter and weather spotter said.  "The more warning you have the better it is."

Cameron says the taxpayers have always supported safety services by passing levies, but now it's time for the village to return the favor.

"They recently did that with the purchase of our new fire truck," Cameron told 13abc.  "I'm trying to get the support to find the financing because they deserve it.  They deserve to be protected."

He hopes to vote on the matter at the end of the month.

That, of course, all depends on if and when they can nail down the funding.

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