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1,000 new jobs coming to Jeep

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Most workers at the Toledo Assembly Complex have been putting in long hours building Jeep Wranglers and Cherokees but there's a plan in place to help change that. The plan means a lot of new jobs. Chrysler is planning to hire up to 1,000 temporary, part time workers to help give the full time workers a break. Union leaders say part time workers are not uncommon but they say it's the first Chrysler plant to do it on this big of a scale. It's also a move that could help the plant achieve a national milestone.

The workers at the Toledo Assembly Complex have been putting in long hours for a long time, but up the part time workers will help change that. Bruce Baumhower is the President of UAW Local 12, the union that represents the Jeep workers, "Our workers deserve this. They have worked through several Christmas and summer breaks in recent years. Most of them are working ten hour days, six days a week. Some of them have even volunteered for 7 days a week. They understand that you have to build the vehicles when the customer demands the product, but they also need to have lives outside of work too."

About 400 of the temporary workers are already on the job, another 600 will be added to the ranks in the coming months. The part time workers will be on the job anywhere from 10-30 hours a week, "This will give a break to those who need it and those who don't want it can still get as much overtime as they want. This will also give another 1,000 people in our community a chance to come in and help build Jeeps."

The new hires may also help meet the ever growing demand for the Wrangler. The plant is unable to build enough of the iconic SUV's and Baumhower says that's the focus of a lot of top level discussions right now, "It's being looked at regularly now. It is a hot subject in the corporation, how can we build more Wranglers to meet the global demand? We haven't figured that out yet but I think it means bricks and mortar and a lot of people agree, which means an expansion to the facility."

There is no set time frame for the part time workers but as long as the demand is there for the Cherokee and Wrangler it could be long term work.  The new workers could help the Toledo Assembly Complex reach a major milestone, "We think this gives is a chance to reach the goal of building 515,000 vehicles a year, between the two lines. If we hit that number we will be the biggest assembly plant in the United States."

Right now they build about 1,800 Cherokees and Wranglers a day in Toledo. Once they're up to full speed, they'll build a couple hundred more vehicles a day between the two plants. There are no openings at the complex right now. Applications for the additional temporary, part time jobs have already been taken and they are being reviewed right now, but keep an eye on the Chrysler careers website to check any future job postings.

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