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UT hosts panel on legal Issues

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University of Toledo students are learning that they need to think before they post on social media sites like facebook and twitter. Justin Gordon is a student at UT and tells 13 ABC,

"a lot of people post naked pictures...drugs and stuff like that ...and police officers can come on there and it can get them caught up in a situation they do not want to be in."

Posting on impulse could lead to more than just legal troubles. It could cost them a future job. Nico Covarrubia tells 13 ABC,

"I think they are just kind of like in the moment okay I did this weekend and look how much fun I had and I am going to post a picture up with me and this bottle of whatever I am drinking and they are asking oh I wonder why I didn't get that second interview."

Pariss Coleman is a local attorney. He tells 13 ABC,

"students think those things are private...and they think they are short term ..I don't think they appreciate the long term implications"

That's why Brothers on the Rise and the Alpha Phi Boule are hosting a real look at legal issues that can impact students.UT's Dr. Willie McKether tells 13 ABC,

"we know students are on facebook a lot and we want them to understand there are repercussions for some of the posts they make on facebook whether its pictures of them drinking or doing other things that perhaps an employer might see.we want students to understand the laws associated with drug use,with domestic violence because those are the types of things students don't always think about when they are committing those acts."

Legal experts will serve on a panel to help students avoid the legal pitfalls that could keep them from being successful.

The Real Look at Legal Issues event will be held Wednesday April 2nd from 7-8 PM at UT's Student Union in the Ingman room.

It is free and open to the public