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Easter Sand Sculpture complete in Finday

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Each year, Roger Powell celebrates Easter through art.

But it's not a painting or something made out of clay.  It's a huge sculpture carved out of sand.

"I can't say any reason or rhyme for it," Powell said.  "It just comes together and I start putting the sand in and carving it out.")

The design is never the same.  Jesus on the cross is always there, but the rest depends on what Powell envisions.

This year is the Den of Lions.

"The inspiration comes throughout the year and for some reason Daniel was on my heart this year," Powell told 13abc.

When it all started, Powell used 31 tons of sand.  But 15 years have gone by and now volunteers haul in nearly 400 tons of sand to make it possible.

"I just think it means a lot and reminds us what Easter is," Ruth Steele, who lives in Weston, said.

People from all across the area and beyond make the trip each year.

For Steele it's a chance to be with family and friends.

"I love seeing it each year and I noticed a lot of volunteers," Steele said.

For the last week, up to 50 volunteers showed up to lend a hand.

Plus, thanks to community donations, the Easter Sand Sculpture continues to be a tradition in Northwest Ohio.

"If there's anything I could say about the whole thing, I get the blessing of looking out, standing here and seeing people shaking hands and smiling," said Powell.

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