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District states case for levy to fund new school

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North Central Schools Superintendent Ken Boyer says they are are in desperate need of a new high school building. 
"The size of the classrooms, the narrow hallways, small classrooms, being able to get technology into this 1923 building is a real challenge."

The lack of wheelchair accessibility is also a problem at the school.

The cost of the new school would be $9.4 million dollars. The State of Ohio is picking up half the cost and the district needs to come up with $2.2 million more to compete the project. A 1.4 mill bond issue will be on the May ballot.

Principal Tim Rettig says, "It's a huge opportunity. We have an elementary levy that's coming off. It was 1.5 mills last year. We're putting up 1.4 mills for $3.50 cents less, for a $100,000 home, they can have a new high school.  We we just want people to know that this is a real opportunity for the citizens of the North Central School district to get a new high school for our students at a very minimal cost that would bring in the new technology...just a very nice atmosphere for our students to learn."

If the levy is approved, the district would break ground next summer and the project would take approximately two years to complete.