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Insurance agency warns medical expenses could jump

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A Maumee insurance agency is seeing a trend of higher up-front costs associated with medical care. Kevin  Intagliata of The Ashley Group said because of the healthcare mandate, a lot of people have higher out of pockets now than they might have anticipated.  
One Toledoan said she was asked to pay more than ten times what she was expecting

"They asked me for my co-pay and I was getting ready to give them like $40 like I usually do, and they asked me for $500 up front." Elena Foreman said. "I was like, 'I don't have $500 on me right now.' And then, they were like,  'Well, we can't see you.'

  Intagliata, an insurance professional, said since the affordable care act kicked in, he's seen a jump in doctors offices and outpatient surgery centers asking for more money up front. 

"The doctors are making the phone calls to the insurance companies, finding out what the deductibles are and asking for that up front," he said.

 The f
ear in the healthcare service industry is there's not the money there, to pay the higher deductibles and co-pays, Intagliata said.

 "I was like, $500? For what?"

Foreman said the medical staff told her asking for the deductible up front is a new policy since the Affordable Care Act kicked in.

 "I told them i don't have Obamacare and they said, well it's in effect for every insurance now-u have to pay up front now. 

 Foreman said she was told it's a new policy.

 "All those things that were added to the policies affected the premium in such a way, that the employer's response was to raise the deductibles to make those still affordable to the business," Intagliata said.

 He explained that's why higher deductibles are impacting more than just the affordable care act plans- it's affecting the group plans as well.

 "The doctor's fear, running it as a business, is that they're not going to get that money paid to them because the deductible is a $2,000 to $3,000 deductible. Their fear is that they're going to treat and provide the service and never get paid for it- have to collect after the fact. It's a new fear-it's just a new way to run your business."

Foreman was able to get the CT scan she needed. She told 13abc that the staff told her since it was the first time, she could pay $75 and will be billed for the rest. 

"...which is frustrating because i have insurance and i did not expect to pay that large sum," Foreman said.

Intagliata explained that under the ACA, since no one can be excluded from coverage now, more risk is being taken on, which leads to more expenses for most. 

"A lot of the stuff that is happening because of it is good, but there are definitely some problems with timing," he said.

Anyone that was not able to meet the insurance enrollment deadline last month, will likely have to wait until this Fall until they can get healthcare coverage.

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