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Start incident prompts block watch action

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A student at school with a gun.

An armed robbery near and elementary school.

Both incidents happened on the same day and have many people concerned.

"A lot of people are really sick to their stomach," Tina Scott, Willys Parkway Toledo Block Watch leader, said.

For the last 24 hours, Scott has been talking with and listening to neighbors about what can be done to get weapons out of the hands of Toledo's youth.

"The incidents that are happening now with the guns in the schools, this is getting out of hand," Scott said.

Monday, Start High School was on lock down after police found a student with a gun and marijuana.

Willie Carter III is now facing several charges.

Also, during that same time, students walking near McTigue Elementary school were robbed and pistol whipped.  

One suspect was arrested after a two hour stand off with police.

Though disturbing, those reports have encouraged Scott to do something.

"It's everywhere and I think educating the people and reaching out about their kids will make a great impact, if they listen," Scott said.
Coincidentally, she had already lined up a program for this month's meeting.  The topic; the juvenile justice system.

Her goal is to show people there are ways to help and keep the guns out of the wrong hands.

The meeting is May 13, 2014 at the Eleanor Kahle Senior Center.

It begins at 6 p.m.