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Local Nigerian Student Speaks out about Kidnapped Girls

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Local college students from Nigeria have a lot to say about the crisis going on in their homeland.

but many of them know if they speak out their lives could be in danger. One young woman decided to take her chances. we want to protect this student so we will not tell you her name or show you her face.

Instead--tonight we share her chilling perspective on what's going on in her country and why she chose to come to Northwest Ohio to continue her education.

She's living the dream of those missing Nigerian girls. This Northwest Ohio International college student is young, educated and free. Although she loves her homeland, she is appalled by what's going on there. She tells 13 ABC, "My first reaction was this is a lie...i never expected Boko Haram to take it this far and this extreme and kidnap those girls . 12- 16 year old even 9...they are so innocent and they can't fight back it was really heart breaking for me." This young woman believes young girls should have educational opportunities, but those ideals go against Nigeria's militant islamist group, Boko Haram. The group promotes a version of Islam which makes it forbidden, for muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with western society--which includes getting an education. This student believes this group is being funded by a big politician in Nigeria. She tells 13 ABC, "They believe girls 12 even 9 that they should be married and they don't think they need an education and that is the war in nigeria...that is the war they are trying to fight against the evil forces of this oppression and disempowerment of girls."

Those missing girls were getting ready to take exams when they were kidnapped by the Boko Haram weeks ago.

This video of the girls was released earlier this week, showing some of them reading the koran even though most are Christian. The Nigerian student tells 13 ABC, "When they interviewed some of the girls they said they were being raped...and i feel like raping a 12 year old raping a 16 year old girl you are scaring the girl for life...she's never going to come out of the forest the same way she went." This Nigeria student hopes that with the global attention and the resources the US can provide...that those girls may one day embrace their families again. She tells 13 ABC, "we need people to stand up for them...we need people to talk about it ...and create awareness about the problem and help those girls get back to school and stop teenage marriage and bring those girls back home."

Although oppression and corruption plagues her country, It doesn't stop her from wanting to go home one day.

She hopes to somehow spark change and encourage young girls to get an education.