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Dangerous email circulating

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It may show up as a simple e-mail, but it has the potential to steal your personal and financial information. 

An e-mail alert is going out to people from the Wood County IT Director, Benjamin Hendricks.  Hendricks says last week a county employee forwarded him the suspicious e-mail.  When he looked into it, he discovered it was one of the best counterfeit sites he's run across.  "It's a website with a malicious intent", says Hendricks. 

The subject line will say something along the lines of "important document".  If you open it, it will take you to a google document looking website.  "It's one of the better copy-cat sites that I've seen in the past."  If you click on it and sign on with your username and password, the fake site now has access to your email account.  Hendricks warns, that the site would nest itself in your computer and steel your information.  "It would copy your user ID, track down all your key strokes on your keyboard, to look on your PC for financial information," according to Hendricks. 

The best and only real way to protect yourself, is to NEVER click on an email that doesn't look familiar to you.  Always be aware of the subject line and the sender.  Luckily, most of the major browser sites have caught onto the scam and they're flashing warnings, before you get to the point where you can click the email open.

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