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Heroin: A losing battle

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We are losing people to Heroin addiction in record numbers.  Those are the hard facts according to Police and Toxicologist Dr. Bob Forney from the Lucas County Coroners office.  Three months ago 22-year old Derek Brown shared his struggles with 13ABC in overcoming his Heroin addiction.  At that time he was succeeding.  But, Friday June 13th, Browns mother called paramedics to their home on an overdose.  Police found Brown dead with drug paraphernalia next to him.  A final ruling on his death is pending toxicology results.  Derek was well loved and respected by his friends and family who supported his efforts to recover.  Browns story touched a local fathers heart as well.  Chris, says his 18-year old daughter is struggling to overcome her heroin addiction.  He says there's nothing more difficult than realizing there's nothing you can do to help your child recover from addiction.  But he admits, he fears constantly for her life.  "Heroin is deadly", he says, "I worry she will die before she recovers.

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