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TPS will seek another levy vote

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Toledo voters approved a school levy, last fall, and it appears they may be asked to approve another next fall.

Tuesday night, Toledo Public School board members are likely to approve putting a 5.8 mill levy on the November ballot.

The district says needs to raise more than $13-million a year for the next 5-years.

That money would be used to maintain all the school buildings, increase teacher pay and put school buses back on the road.

District leaders say they’ve learned a lesson:  years of deficits meant cuts to schools.  But those hard times forced the district to transform its schools in how they are populated, built and maintained.

“There’s an energy, there’s a commitment that people can see.”

But there’s a need for good teachers and well-maintained buildings.

Capital improvement dollars ended in 2010 and some parents like Todd Wilson believe that hurt education.  Wilson told 13abc reporter Bill Hormann,  “Sometimes they take the money they can’t get it so they have to cut things and then our kids’ education goes mostly down the drain.”

To avoid that, the district will ask voters to approve a new 5-year, 5.8 mill levy that will generate more than $13-million a year.

School Board Vice President, Bob Vasquez, says, “We want to attract students.  We want to attract families to the community and we want to attract businesses.”

The best way to do that is keep good teachers, so the district will use part of the money to increase teacher pay.

And the district wants to start busing kids to school again, especially after this year’s harsh winter.

Matt Cleland, TPS treasurer says, “We heard from the community routinely throughout the winter that transportation was an issue.”

And the district needs to maintain its 50 buildings and all the sports fields and playgrounds and  gyms.

Yet despite approving levy last year,  some parents seem willing to dig deep again this year.

Robin Wilson says, “If it’s for the kids and for their teachers to improve the schools than I think it’s a good idea.”

If approved, the levy would cost $203 for a $100,000 dollar home.

But school board members believe the district is showing progress and public support will continue.