Detention officers speak out about safety at Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center

Employees claim they are out numbered by the juveniles
Published: Jul. 15, 2020 at 11:18 PM EDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Employees at the Lucas County Juvenile Justice Center are speaking out about safety concerns in the facility. Employees say there was a riot in the boys unit, and some employees want administrators to increase staffing to help with safety.

“We also do not have enough responders at any given time,” one employee said. “I believe Ohio says the number is 12 kids to one staff, which would be great for daycare. Unfortunately we are working with serious youth offenders.”

Some of the teenagers are accused of gun violence and violent assaults. On Monday, employees say there was a riot in the boys unit. Administrators are calling it a disturbance.

“While staff was responding to that incident, another youth snuck out of his door unlocked all the doors. So there was about six or seven youth running around. Two were aggressive with staff,” said administrator Dan Jones.

Jones said a youth went behind a podium which is open to anyone to unlock the doors. Detention workers said the population of the youth they are supervising has changed. They understand the risks working as a detention officer, but feel they’re out numbered while supervising the juveniles.

“Our safety is being minimized,” an employee said. “They’re just being slapped on the wrist in the program when we have a real concern for safety. Things have to change”

At least two employees were injured during what detention workers say was a riot.

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